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Documentation on XInclude processing

Added by Michael Kay over 2 years ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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The page at!sourcedocs/XInclude doesn't mention the possibility of requesting XInclude processing using query parameters on the URI.

The page at!configuration/config-features, under RECOGNIZE_URI_QUERY_PARAMETERS, points to "Source Documents" (!sourcedocs) for information on using query parameters, but it's hard to find out which subsection it's referring to. There are various mentions of query parameters in this chapter, but no comprehensive list.

The section!sourcedocs/whitespace mentions properties related to whitespace handling.

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Updated by Michael Kay over 2 years ago

There's also an incomplete list of parameters given at!functions/fn/doc

which doesn't include xinclude

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Updated by Debbie Lockett over 1 year ago

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Updated by Debbie Lockett over 1 year ago

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  1. In fact, sourcedocs/XInclude was updated (commit on 2020-02-29) to "mention the possibility of requesting XInclude processing using query parameters on the URI.", so this got corrected in the Saxon 10 documentation with the 10.0 release (2020-03-16).

  2. There is a comprehensive list of query parameters available when using the fn:collection() function at!sourcedocs/collections (under "Processing directories"), but indeed it would be good to add a corresponding list for the query parameters available when using fn:doc(). Having done this the link from configuration/config-features, under RECOGNIZE_URI_QUERY_PARAMETERS should be clarified.

  3. Indeed xinclude needs to be added to the list at functions/fn/doc.

  4. There is some confusion in the documentation about whether validation is specified using the query parameter val=strict or validation=strict. Referring directly to the source code, the correct key is validation, so there are a number of documentation references to fix.

  5. In the fix for Bug #4476: Type error evaluating (fn:collection(...)), a new query parameter content-type was added for use in Saxon 10 (when using fn:collection()). This code was added just after the 10.0 release, on 2020-03-19, so became available from 10.1 (2020-05-14). The new parameter was added to the list at sourcedocs/collections in the documentation source, but intentionally commented out so that it would not be included in the documentation for 10.0. However we neglected to reinstate it for the 10.1 release. This should be fixed.

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Updated by Debbie Lockett over 1 year ago

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The four URI query parameters that are available for use with the doc() function are: validation, strip-space, parser, and xinclude.

Committed updates to the documentation source on Saxon 10 and trunk branches:

  • xinclude added to the list at functions/fn/doc, so that this list of the query parameters available is now complete (point 3 above)
  • Having done this, I decided not to add a new sourcedocs section with another copy of this list (and could not see an obvious section for it just to be added to). The vague link to sourcedocs from configuration/config-features, under RECOGNIZE_URI_QUERY_PARAMETERS, has been replaced with specific links to the relevant sections of sourcedocs for each of the 4 available query parameters. (This addresses point 2)
  • To enable this, a note about using the parser URI query parameter has been added to sourcedocs/controlling-parsing (because it wasn't otherwise mentioned there)
  • Fixed incorrect val references to the validation query parameter (point 4)
  • Reinstated documentation for new content-type collection() query parameter (point 5)

Note no action required for point 1, so this addresses all issues of the bug.

The Saxon 10 documentation will be updated with the next maintenance release.

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Updated by O'Neil Delpratt about 1 year ago

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  • Fixed in Maintenance Release 10.5 added

Bug fix applied to Saxon 10.5 maintenance release.

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