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Books Demo built using XSLT3 in Saxon-JS doesn't work as expected

Added by Stefan Zientek about 1 month ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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I've only recently started experimenting with XSLT using Saxon-JS 2.0 on Node.js 15.2 on a Windows 10 Home 64bit platform. Please be patient with me if what I'm asking is obvious if I'd found, read and understood all the right information.

I've downloaded the source files for the Books demo and tried recompiling the books.xsl file (using xslt3 from Saxon-JS 2.0) to see if I can see how to apply the same sort of interactive techniques to the page I'm developing in my experiment. However, whilst the stylesheet compilation seems to run okay, the tooltips and checkboxes are inactive in the resultant transformation of the books.xml file. Switching the books.sef.json file to use the one supplied with the demo (and complied using the SAXON-EE 10.0 processor) works fine. The books and genres are loaded and displayed correctly using the books.sef.json file I complied, just the events-based parts seem to misbehave (I see a shading of the table headings when mousing over them but no tooltip appears and nothing else "works"). Is there a restriction in the XSL compilers in the home version over the EE version that accounts for this or am I missing something or doing something wrong?

Thanks for all help.

Best wishes, Stefan


#1 Updated by Martin Honnen about 1 month ago

Did you compile with the option -ns:(##html5)? Otherwise the match in the browser on HTML elements might not work as browsers these days put HTML elements in the XHTML namespace.

#2 Updated by Stefan Zientek about 1 month ago

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your quick response - I've just tried with -ns:##html5 (which I hadn't been using) and it worked :)

I knew it would be me and not the system!

Kind regards, Stefan

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