Bug #5002

Catalog issue in SAXON-HE

Added by Rajko Furlan 4 months ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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This is probably not a bug, but it may still be worth investigating. For some reason I get "Transformation failed: Catalog file not found: ..." when executing SAXON-HE from command line. The very same command line works fine with SAXON (an HE), SAXON-PE and Saxon-PE (didn't test other versions).

The command line is as follows: java -cp "D:\Utilities\SaxonHE-\saxon9he.jar;D:\Utilities\SaxonHE-\resolver.jar;xsl\xsltextfunctions.jar" net.sf.saxon.Transform -init:com.mekon.xslt.extension.functions.Initializer -s:"in-test\test.ditamap" -xsl:"xsl\postprocess.xsl" -o:"out-test\test.ditamap" -catalog:"D:\ABC\DOT\dot-3.3.1_adi\plugins\com.analog.dita13.dtd\catalog.xml;D:\ABC\DOT\dot-3.3.1_adi\plugins\org.oasis-open.dita.v1_3\dtd\base\catalog.xml"

If I change SaxonHE- folder to SaxonHE-, SaxonPE- or SaxonPE- (and, of course, I change saxon9he.jar to saxon9pe.jar for PE folders), they all work. The same resolver.jar is present in all Saxon folders.

Any ideas of why SAXON-HE is reporting this issue while other saxon versions work fine?

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#1 Updated by Michael Kay 4 months ago

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We'll take a look at it, but please note that we're very unlikely to fix any bugs found in the 9.8 branch at this stage of its life unless it's an absolute show-stopper for a paying customer.

#2 Updated by Rajko Furlan 4 months ago

Of course, it's not a problem. I'm mostly curious whether there's a work-around. And even if there isn't our customer will just have to switch to a PE (or to a newer version of the HE, provided they don't have the same issue).

#3 Updated by Air Quick 4 months ago has a bug in handling a list of catalog files separated by semicolons: #3935

#4 Updated by Rajko Furlan 4 months ago

Thank you very much, I've just created a catalog which includes the two catalogs and it works fine.

#5 Updated by Michael Kay about 1 month ago

  • Related to Bug #3935: command line catalog option added

#6 Updated by Michael Kay about 1 month ago

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