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Certain XQuery update operations seem to be failing with Saxon 10

Added by Radu Coravu 9 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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We have an auto test which takes these operations:

and runs them with Saxon.

The following scripts:


when run over an empty XML document used to produce in the output file with Saxon 9 the string:

but now produce an empty string.

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Is duplicate of Saxon - Bug #4974: XQuery Update: namespace propagation is not workingClosedMichael Kay2021-04-20

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Updated by Michael Kay 9 months ago

We do routinely run the XQuery Update tests, and they're all passing, so there must be some difference in the way that you run them from the way that we do. We'll need to find some way of reproducing the failure conditions.

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Updated by Michael Kay 9 months ago

I think I may have found the problem. The test is returning an empty sequence, which leads to the test driver not writing any result file, which means that the comparison is done with the saved results from a previous run, that is, the results from the last time the test succeeded writing an empty results file; we get an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException looking at the empty file to see if it starts with a BOM, and we ignore this exception taking us down the success path.

More recently we have integrated the XQuery Update tests into the main qt3 test suite, using assertions rather than file comparison to test the results. I'm not sure if the new version gets run on the Saxon 10 branch, I will need to check.

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Updated by Michael Kay 9 months ago

This is a duplicate of bug #4974, which I had previously decided not to fix on the 10.x branch. I'll reopen it and review that decision.

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Updated by Radu Coravu 9 months ago

Great thank you Michael. I will keep adding all my observations as support requests as I do not know exactly what is bug and what is intended change decision. This problem does not influence us much, it's just an observation based on that failed auto test.

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Updated by Michael Kay 8 months ago

  • Is duplicate of Bug #4974: XQuery Update: namespace propagation is not working added
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Updated by Michael Kay 6 months ago

  • Status changed from New to Resolved

The fix has now been retrofitted to the Saxon 10.x branch.

Note that this involves changes to some methods in the MutableNodeInfo interface, so it could be disruptive.

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Updated by Debbie Lockett 5 months ago

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See bug #4974 status: fix applied in the Saxon 10.7 maintenance release.

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