Bug #3934

Updated by Michael Kay about 5 years ago

Reported by Martin Honnen, test case saved in XSLT3 as si-fork-119. 

 Saxon 9.9 reports Gets error 

 Error in xsl:param/@select on line 13 column 79 of si-fork-119.xsl: 
   SXST0060: Component cannot be streamed, although it is guaranteed streamable according to 
   W3C rules. No streamable path found in expression ($current-item, ...) 

 Saxon 9.8 reports: 

 Static error at xsl:template on line 12 column 71 of si-fork-119.xsl: 
   XTSE3430: Template rule is declared streamable but it does not satisfy the streamability rules.  
   * Operand {.} of {let $vv:LHS2027961269 := ...} selects streamed nodes in a context that 
   allows arbitrary navigation (line 13)