This package provides the core classes of the SAXON XSLT library.

Some of the more important classes are listed below:

This is the XSLT processor. It has a command-line interface allowing you to apply a given style sheet to a given source document.

This represents a compiled XSLT stylesheet in memory. It is Saxon's implementation of the javax.xml.transform.Templates interface defined in JAXP 1.1

This class represents the context information for a single execution of an XSLT stylesheet, and allows the application to process the tree navigationally. It is Saxon's implementation of the javax.xml.transform.Transformer interface defined in JAXP 1.1. It calls user-supplied handlers registered with the RuleManager. If you want to write your own Java application to process a document navigationally, you can write it as a subclass of Controller, or you can instantiate Controller directly.

Michael H. Kay
25 April 2002