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Added by Debbie Lockett 9 months ago

9.9 .NET documentation comment typo correction

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100 100
		/// <param name="licensedEdition">Set to true if the <c>Processor</c> is to use a licensed edition of Saxon
101 101
		/// (that is, Saxon-PE or Saxon-EE). If true, the <c>Processor</c> will attempt to enable the capabilities
102 102
        /// of the licensed edition of Saxon, according to the version of the software that is loaded, and will
		/// verify the license key. If fals(that is, Saxon-PE or Saxon-EE)e, the <c>Processor</c> will load a default <c>Configuration</c> that gives restricted
		/// verify the license key. If false (that is, Saxon-PE or Saxon-EE), the <c>Processor</c> will load a default <c>Configuration</c> that gives restricted
104 104
        /// capability and does not require a license, regardless of which version of the software is actually being run.</param>
105 105
        /// <param name="loadLocally">This option has no effect at this release.</param>
106 106


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