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Saxon-HE 9.5 is the latest major release of the open-source edition of Saxon.
It is available for both the Java and .NET platforms.

The current maintenance release is Saxon-HE

The documentation for Saxon is at
and includes a detailed list of changes for each release.

For the Java platform, download file Installation instructions are at:!about/installationjava

For the .NET platform, download file SaxonHE9-5-1-5N-setup.exe.
Installation instructions are at:!about/installationdotnet

The file contains documentation, sample files, test drivers and other miscellaneous resources.
It is common to both platforms, and is not normally updated when new maintenance releases appear.

The file contains source code for both platforms; a new version is produced with each
maintenance release. Source code with the latest patches can also be obtained from a Subversion repository
maintained at The Subversion repository on the SourceForge
site is no longer maintained.

The following bugs are cleared in, issued 2014-03-25 (this includes bugs that appear only in the commercial
versions of the product). Bugs are listed under the number used on the new Saxonica Community site at :

2038 Collations in XQuery group-by
2035 Incorrect static type inferred for (A castable as UnionType)
2032 Spurious type-checking error XPTY0020
2031 NullPointerException after optimizing saxon:stream()
2030 NullPointerException while streaming
2029 tail(data()) - function should have been resolved at compile time
2028 Streaming string-join#1 causes ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
2026 When streaming, distinct-values() fails with NullPointerException if collation is not known statically
2025 snapshot() fails with NullPointerException if argument is an empty sequence
2024 NullPointerException testing streamability of "/"
2022 Copying xsl:stream instruction gives ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
2021 Various odd issues --- crashing when maps called with empty arguments
2020 Line number failing to show in error message
2019 NullPointerException when xsl:stylesheet element appears not as outermost element
2016 Premature exit from XQuery streaming
2015 doc() called while multithreading; unsafe access to document pool
2013 saxon:stream() in XQuery not streaming when it should
2011 xsl:number/@count pattern with predicates: failure to allocate stack frame slot
2008 Problem using xsl:copy-of with an xsl:variable
2007 XQJ support in
2004 Missing select on xsl:iterate/xsl:param
2003 @composite = "yes" : current-grouping-key() returns a single string
2002 XPathException was unhandled in .NET
2001 saxon:discard-document does not work with accumulators
2000 Failure with streaming of xsl:iterate
1999 Documentation of saxon:evaluate
1998 Spurious warning about optional field in xs:key
1997 for-each loops through empty collection
1994 W3C spec change for xsl:iterate
1993 Poor error message for file open failure on packaged stylesheet file
1992 Template pattern incorrectly identified as never matching
1988 Incorrect namespace in several test cases in the QT3 test suite
1985 Warning SXXP0005 may not be relevant
1984 Configuration file examples in documentation say version="1.1"/"2.1"
1978 Javadoc for FeatureKeys is incomplete
1970 In the .NET API documentation, new XdmAtomicValue(String) is absent
1955 Poor DOMSender performance with Xerces DOM
1946 Commandline documentation for XQuery has missing link.
1944 Illegal configuration-file syntax in META-INF/services/javax.xml.xpath.XPathFactory

The following bugs are cleared in, issued 2014-01-22 (this includes bugs that appear only in the commercial
versions of the product). Bugs are listed under the number used on the new Saxonica Community site at :

1468: saxon:import-query and global variables
1473: java.lang.AssertionError: Value of variable is undefined (null). Variable reference $saxon:current24880015
1474: XQuery switch statement fails with NPE if evaluated statically
1517: java.lang.NullPointerException for "cast as" in AVT
1555: Serialization parameter suppress-indentation not working
1671: format-number() (XSLT 2) in the Saxon documentation
1785: alphanumeric sort => should use longint
1895: Documentation: -strip on command line
1926: Bad type checking for attribute(x, xs:untyped)
1927: Spurious error optimising void filter expression
1928: Singleton value not recognized as numeric subscript
1929: unsorted() optimization is too aggressive
1930: xsl:stream focus dependency
1931: avg() over empty sequence fails under bytecode generation
1932: NullPointerException using -explain with xsl:merge
1933: NullPointerException when current() used in a pattern predicate
1938: ClassCastException in SimpleStepExpression
1942: Function current should have been resolved at compile time
1947: EXPath file:write() and file:append() fail to close file
1948: Documentation: signature of saxon:adjust-to-civil-time is wrong
1951: xsl:analyze-string - no error if child elements in wrong order
1957: Incorrect default priority for patterns with predicates
1958: saxon9-unpack.jar is empty
1964: Failure to load PE configuration file via JAXP API
1965: Documentation: spurious "top" in lists of JAR files
1966: ClassNotFoundException: net.sf.saxon.lib.StAXHandler
1967: Command line: use of "-" as positional argument
1969: Incorrect SVN URL in maven pom file
1971: Burst-mode streaming not working as documented
1973: HTML5 serialization: default attributes
1974: Performance regression with tail expressions
1977: Schema processor does not reject xs:group/xs:sequence/@maxOccurs
1979: format-number() applied to negative zero
1980: Serialization property item-separator not implemented
1981: GROUP BY for a collection of map fails unless wrapped in a try-catch
1982: Command line: colon in parameter values
1986: System.ArgumentException: Type name was too long. The fully qualified type name must be less than 1,024 characters
1987: Bytecode generation verification error: Method owner: expected Ljava/lang/String;, but found Ljava/lang/CharSequence;

The following bugs are cleared in, issued 2013-10-25 (this includes bugs that appear only in the commercial
versions of the product). Bugs are listed under the number used on the new Saxonica Community site at :

1897: Saxon-HE binary jar not properly compressed (only under maven)
1810: SXST0063: Template body is an expression that returns nodes from the streamed input document
1854: Source code cannot easily be browsed
1866: Parse errors in imported stylesheet cause no exception
1877: current() throws dynamic error in expand-text directives
1878: bind-group attribute not working properly in for-each-group
1882: net.sf.saxon.s9api.SaxonApiException: net.sf.saxon.trans.XPathException: Axis step child::element while validating document
1885: AttributeCollectionImpl.setAttribute()
1886: In XML Schema 1.0 maxOccurs="unbounded" on a particle of the "all" compositor should be reported as an error
1890: Problems with accumulators
1891: NullPointerException with XSD 1.1 conditional type assignment
1893: java.lang.NullPointerException because of xsl:strip-space
1894: IndexOutOfRangeException thrown in .NET
1899: Parameter not evaluated when the only usage is in a predicate of a pattern
1901: PrependIterator.getAnother()
1907: Use of expanded QName in XQuery computed attribute constructor
1908: Performance: patterns calling a function in a predicate
1910: Infinite recursion in Optimizer
1912: Race condition on loading license file
1916: Internal Saxon error: local variable encountered whose binding has been deleted (intersect operator)
1917: Namespace undeclarations in XQuery element constructors
1918: Incorrect W3C streamability analysis for filter expressions
1919: Failure to detect that query parameters are in wrong Configuration
1920: NullPointerException while evaluating global variable
1924: ArrayIndexOutOfBounds in Chain.ChainIterator
1925: java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException with message append() method is not supported in this class

The following bugs are cleared in, issued 2013-08-29 (this includes bugs that appear only in the commercial
versions of the product). Bugs are listed under the number used on the new Saxonica Community site at :

1873 base64Binary output method writes to wrong file
1872 doc-available() fails with error on XML parse error
1868 Ineffective optimization of GeneralComparison
1866 Parse errors in imported stylesheet cause no exception
1864 Subclassing StaticQueryContext
1862 Saxon Documentation - fn:serialize() - non-working link
1861 Error location with generated bytecode
1858 Missing link in documentation
1857 Result-document left open after dynamic error
1854 Source code cannot easily be browsed
1853 "jar" URIs no longer supported in 9.5
1852 ArrayIndexOutOfBounds doing Unicode normalization
1851 Fallback to HE when there is no license
1848 ClassCastException when pattern on streamable template is not a NodeTest
1847 NullPointerException when assessing the streamability of an attribute-set
1846 Sample C# applications omitted from saxon-resources
1844 Out-of-memory due to non-synchronisation of TinyTree statistics
1842 Greek perispomeni and normalize-unicode
1840 Reflexive extensions function arguments not casting correctly
1838 XQuery parsing bug: incorrect function declaration syntax is accepted
1836 Constants with different names and the same value
1835 Namespace inheritance in XQuery
1834 ClassCastException in XdmNode.getParent()
1831 java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when XML is processed with XSL
1830 Multithreaded DOM Access
1829 Undeclared namespace in DOM input
1828 Incorrect optimization of /a/b/c[2]/d[@e='pqrs']
1824 Saxon-EE collection() fails if collection is empty
1823 NullPointerException using DOM tree with parentless element
1822 Incorrect Javadoc details in method call of class ExtensionFunctionCall
1820 Documentation browser: accept %21 in URL fragment
1819 java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Cannot enumerate an infinite set exception
1813 Absent XHTML DTD entities
1810 SXST0063: Template body is an expression that returns nodes from the streamed input document

The Saxon, is primarily a maintenance release. However, the increment in the third part of the version number indicates that there are
also some small functionality changes. The details of these changes can be found at:!changes/installation/9.5-

The following bugs are cleared in, issued 2013-06-19 (this includes bugs that appear only in the commercial
versions of the product). Bugs are listed under the number used on the new Saxonica Community site at :

1817 Element output with incorrect prefix (bytecode only)
1812 Legal pattern rejected
1811 Local variable used in a pattern
1809 XSLT 3.0 on-no-match="deep-skip"
1807 HTML 5 serialization: DOCTYPE declaration
1806 HTML 4.0 serializer, end tags for XHTML elements
1805 require/prohibit feature names
1802 Hyphens in regular expressions
1801 Cast to union fails with bytecode generation
1800 format-dateTime - Ignored padding given the picture with width for roman numerals
1799 Handling of calendar argument of format-date()
1798 Incorrect example of ExtensionFunctionCall
1795 Increased memory requirements of tree model in Saxon 9.4 compared to Saxon 9.3
1793 Problem with EntityResolver and document()
1792 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when converting xs:string variable with occurrence indicator
1790 [Regression?] Saxon-HE 9.5 and XsltExecutable.getGlobalParameters()
1789 Transformation fails when DOMSource has expanded EntityRef in it
1788 Serialization problem with XHTML meta tag
1787 Performance of substring()
1774 xsl:stream not documented
1772 Saxon release userdoc incomplete
1767 CDATA Section not being serialized to HTML when using option cdata-section-elements
1759 Unsupported node type in DOM! 10 instance
1752 Scaleability of Chain sequence

The following bugs are cleared in, issued 2013-05-22 (this includes bugs that appear only in the commercial
versions of the product). Bugs are listed under the number used on the new Saxonica Community site at :

1783 Unknown system function function()
1782 Empty unions in XSD 1.1
1780 version decl for XQuery incorrectly relaxed under XQuery 1.0
1779 Reserved function name function not handled correctly
1778 Handling errors in processing xsi:schemaLocation
1777 Java.lang.ClassCastException: net.sf.saxon.value.Int64Value cannot be cast to
1776 DTD module xhtml-inlpres1.mod is miscatalogued
1775 format-number() requires '0' in picture, disallows '9'
1771 TypeCheck bypassed by optimizer
1768 search tool broken in Saxon documentation
1766 Incorrect serialization of HTML 5.0 elements in XHTML ns
1765 <embed> missing from list of HTML 4.0 tags that have no closing tag
1762 Inefficient hashing for applyTemplates
1761 Bad link to documentation from command-line help
1760 Regular expression matching zero-length string
1758 count() is interpreted, not compiled
1757 function-available() on constructors for abstract types
1756 Saxon HE 9.5 .Net sample project fails to build with Target Framework set to 3.5
1755 format-date() with [w] option (week in month)
1754 Redistributing Saxon-HE .NET with 3rd party notice files
1753 EXSLT extension function NPE when passed empty sequence
1752 Scaleability of Chain sequence
1751 Wrong location information when debugging
1750 Lazy evaluation of variables: regression in 9.5
1749 Error message for saxon:index() incorrect
1748 saxon:index available in Saxon-PE
1747 s9api piping XQuery output into XSLT destination
1746 ProgressiveIterator.materialize()
1745 High Variable stack frame allocation issue - PE
1744 NPE in compiling xsl:iterate under
1743 Broken links in documentation
1742 Reflexive extension functions: passing empty sequence
1741 Out of date information on extensibility
1740 Performance regression for $x[$i]
1738 Null pointer exception when bytecode is on
1737 collections with recurse=yes
1736 Out of date info in documentation about EQName
1735 IndexOutofBounds exception using substring() with non-BMP string
1734 xs:error not supported in XPath/XSLT/XQuery
1733 .net api documentation: interface members not shown
1652 fn:collection() does not declare its results to be in document order

The first release in this series,, was issued on 16 April 2013.

Bugs can be reported, and known bugs inspected, on the Saxon community site at
The sourceforge bug tracker is no longer maintained.

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