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Building Saxon HE, PE, and EE

The Saxon family of products is built with Gradle.


  • A Java environment suitable for running Gradle.

Environment variables

Some prerequisites for building and/or testing are outside the scope of the build. Environment variables are used to configure access to these items.

Gradle properties


Running the build

This build uses the Gradle wrapper to ensure portability across different systems.

If you run the build scripts with ~/.gradlew, you will be using the version and configuration of Gradle that is known to work. (Other versions may also work, but then again, they may not.)

These build scripts are shared across the open source HE repository, the commercial EE/PE repository, and an internal repository that is used for both current and future development.

In the open source HE repository, only the HE product can be built. There are build targets for PE and EE artifacts, but they will not, and are not expected to, succeed.


Build outputs

All of the task outputs are written to files and directories under the build directory. Although it shouldn’t be necessary, it is always safe to completely delete the build directory before executing a task. This ensures that everything necessary to execute the task will be rebuilt from the current sources.