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Saxon Resources Download

Resources download build date: 05 September 2019

This saxon-resources download contains Saxon documentation, and sample applications and drivers.

To access the documentation, open doc/index.html in a browser and follow the instructions and links

See below for details of the download contents.


1. build
Contains the ANT build files used to build Saxon products and the resources.

2. doc
Contains the Saxon documentation. Open index.html in a browser as a starting point.

3. drivers
Drivers for the W3C test suites.

4. notices
Notices for components redistributed with Saxon.

5. samples
Sample applications relevant for all Saxon editions (Saxon-HE, Saxon-PE and Saxon-EE), and both
platforms (Java and .NET). See the "Sample Saxon Applications" section of the Saxon documentation
for details.

6. use-cases
W3C XQuery Use Cases - queries (some of which have been corrected from those published by W3C),
together with batch scripts for running them.

7. source-userdoc
Provided as a zip. Unzip to access the main Saxon documentation.

The Saxon documentation supplied in this resources download runs as an interactive application
driven by Saxon-JS in the browser (a copy of Saxon-JS is included in the download). However, most
browsers do not allow Saxon-JS to run from a local file system, so the documentation application may
not work directly. It is recommended that the HTTP protocol is used to access the resource files, so
it may be necessary to host this directory on a localhost web-server.

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