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The viewer_appJS directory is the container for all the resource files used for rendering the Saxon documentation
using Saxon-JS.

This directory is designed to be maintained under source-control, but also to be used as a localhost web-server
virtual directory to view the documentation in a browser.


1. doc
Container for all the documentation content XML files (such as about.xml), and two special reference files:
implement.xml - which contains implementation status notes (used in the Function Library and XSLT Element Reference);
and catalog.xml which is the top-level contents reference file that references all of the other XML files in the
directory. The catalog.xml file is used by the XSLT to update /index.html.

2. docimg
Container for content image resources (as referenced with img tags).

3. dotnetdoc-xml
.NET API documentation content XML files, generated from code.

4. html
Container for static HTML files generated by transforming files in the 'doc' directory. (Not maintained under

5. image
Container for the images used by the viewer application - such as icon images, logos, etc.

6. javadoc-xml
Java API documentation content XML files, generated from code.

7. Saxon-JS
Contains the Saxon-JS release to be used (currently SaxonJS2.rt.js as specified in index.html).

8. xsl
Holds the source XSLT files, and the Saxon-EE generated SEF (stylesheet export file) used by Saxon-JS to render the web
pages dynamically. The main stylesheet is viewer_app.xsl.

Top-level Files

1. index.html
The entry-point for the website - this is modified by Saxon-JS using catalog.xml as the starting point.

2. saxon-base.css
Base CSS style sheet for the Saxonica website, imported by viewer_app.css.

3. viewer_app.css
Style definitions controlling both page layout and content rendering.

4. viewer_app.js
Contains javascript functions used by the Saxon-JS viewer_app XSLT.

Other Dependencies

Sibling directories of viewer_appJS directory. Containing source and stylesheets from which the documentation content is

1. src
Contains base source XML files for documentation content.

2. style
Contains XSLT stylesheet files used to preprocess XML from src to generate viewer_appJS/doc files.

3. to-static
Holds the XSLT files used to build a static version of the documentation for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes,
or for use in browsers with JavaScript disabled. The XSLT files here mostly correspond to those in the main
'xsl' directory. Note that the build for the static HTML files is now incorporated into the main Saxon (documentation)
ANT build files. The main stylesheet is s-viewer_app.xsl which processes the XML files in the 'doc'
directory, and generates the content in the 'html' directory.

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