Auto event generator for SVG

Added by Lincoln Mitchell about 11 years ago

I am looking for the best way to generate events automatically using Saxon CE. The aim is to turn Adobe illustrator (saving as SVG) into a quick prototyping front end design tool.

The scenario is:

  • I have an SVG file generated from illustrator that has numerous g tags with individual ID's.
  • I want to set up the best way to analyse the g tags and provide various events for these g tags
  • The events will show, hide other g tags from my svg.
  • I don't want to have to create XSLT for each new g tag that gets created in Adobe illustrator (SVG).
  • if it helps my g tags ID's could contain the event type and target object instruction, something like: "button_onClick_show_Panel" or "Panel_onClick_hide_Panel"
  • However, these instructions would have to be created via the layer panel in Illustrator which could get tiresome.
  • Preferably I wan't one place to list all the objects and there events as a simple list or something easy like that.

Any help/ pointers appreciated.


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