Welcome to the Saxonica developer community site.

The bug trackers and forums for all Saxon editions (HE, PE, and EE) on all platforms (Java, .NET, C) as well as Saxon-CE are hosted on this site.

The forums and bug tracker for Saxon were transferred from SourceForge in mid-February 2012, and the bulk of the information has been copied over intact.

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Saxon: Price changes
Price changes on the online shop
Added by Michael Kay 6 months ago

Saxon: Release announcements (33 comments)
Announcements of Saxonica product releases
Added by Community Admin over 3 years ago

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Latest projects

  • Saxon-JS (2016-07-28 16:24)

    Saxon-JS is a Javascript runtime allowing execution of stylesheets (compiled using Saxon-EE) in the browser.

  • Saxon/C (2013-11-28 18:48)

    Saxon/C offering the products Saxon-HE/PE/EE on the C/C++ and PHP programming platform.

  • Saxon-CE (2012-03-22 15:01)

    Saxon Client Edition (Saxon for the browser)

  • Saxon (2012-03-22 11:12)

    Saxon (Home Edition, Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition) on both Java and .NET