where are the samples?

Added by Syd Bauman almost 11 years ago

Page @!starting/running@ asserts that “a sample [small XSLT 1.0 boot stylesheet] is included in the @samples@ directory in the Saxon-CE download”. But I don’t find any @samples/@ directory in the download. (I was able to find a sample small XSLT 1.0 boot stylesheet at @!starting/running/pi-sample@.)

Is this a documentation / product mis-match, or am I downloading the wrong thing? (I used @

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RE: where are the samples? - Added by Michael Kay almost 11 years ago

I think this is a mismatch between the documentation and the release libraries.

I'm not quite sure what the definitive version of hte boot stylesheet is, but there is a version here:

I've logged a bug on this so it will be addressed in the next release.

Michael Kay Saxonica


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