Taking Saxon-CE Forward

Added by Simon Pepping over 12 years ago

When Saxon-CE was first announced, I was intrigued by the ideas put forward: in-browser XSLT2 and events. When I read your plans as detailed in your blog entry, I am again intrigued. You are single-handedly charting new territory where XSLT2/3 has equivalent programming power in the browser as JS. You want to be remunerated for these initiatives and their implementation, and rightly so.

I write my XSLT scripts as a hobby. Only a few times a year do I have a problem that is best solved by in-browser XSLT2. My income from it is at the low end of the up to $1m range. £500 is way out of my reach. Free is fine, but the limitation to 1 year makes my work on it unstable.

I prefer the model of the Oxygen editor. I pay for it, and I have it, indefinitely. If I choose to pay a yearly fee for updates, I get updates. If I stop paying, I have what I paid for last time.

Without the prospect of having the current version indefinitely, I am not going to write any work that runs on it.


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RE: Taking Saxon-CE Forward - Added by O'Neil Delpratt about 11 years ago

Hi Simon,

Not sure if you have checked out Saxon-CE lately. You would be pleased to know that the current version 1.1, released back in February 2013, is now under the opensource license. This should ease the concerns you mentioned in your post last year.

It is available at the following URL:


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