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Added by Jan Pour over 11 years ago

In Saxon-CE documentation there is written: "There is no serializer, because output is either appended as a tree to the HTML DOM representing the target browser page, or as a tree or tree-fragment to an XML DOM." How should I solve the situation when I get data out of HTML page and want to send it to the server in a XML form for further processing? Currently I do proprietary serialization of tree-fragments.. I think something like saxon:serialize() function would be great in Saxon-CE.

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RE: Serialization question - Added by Michael Kay over 11 years ago

I agree, this functionality would be a very useful addition to the product.

There are two possible approaches you could consider: (a) escaping to Javascript (but unfortunately facilities for serializing an XML DOM vary from one browser to another), (b) write a simple serializer in XSLT. This has of course been done before: see for example


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