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Is there any chance of a tutorial or something at a more basic level showing use of at least the onclick event? I have reasonable experience with HE and have been following the tutorial from Phil Fearon on Youtube. I'm very grateful for this and xslt2 is working in my browser (except in Firefox where I also get the invalid state error.)

I'm trying to get onclick to fire events of my own and it's frustrating because I have no errors but no interactivity at all. I've copied all the source examples I can get including Booklist and the healthcare example - this is a bit beyond me at the mo. If I could get just the onclick working then I could really use it. A really basic example of this function would help.

Many thanks.

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RE: onclick - Added by Michael Kay over 8 years ago

Are the demo applications at these locations:!samples!demonstrations

working for you?

Have you examined the code, have you tried running them on your own kit?

I suspect the problem is not with the XSLT code but with your browser or server environment. Do make sure you run Saxon-CE applications from an HTTP server, not from filestore on your local machine.

RE: onclick - Added by derek frost over 8 years ago

Thanks for responding. I'm using Jetty8, so my server should be ok, but I think my browsers are out of date. Chromium 20 doesn't seem to like xsl:message although this works in Arora. I'm already studying the examples you show so I'll keep trying.

I'd just like to say that HE is great and I use it for everything. Even letters, foreign documents (I'm an out-of-work linguist) and any charts, tables and timesheets I need. I wouldn't mind upgrading to 3.0 one day if somebody decides to employ me. Many thanks for this.

RE: onclick - Added by derek frost over 8 years ago

It doesn't look like I can upgrade chromium with the linux I'm using - but in fact xsl:message is fine - I was looking at the wrong thing. I think it works fine, it must just be me..

RE: onclick - Added by derek frost over 8 years ago

I made big progress today. I massacred some of your examples and got them working my way. It even works in my old version of Opera; many thanks!


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