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Line Number Issue while executing Validating against a DTD.

Added by Sathya Selva 5 months ago

Dear Team. While Executing the Command line or java application I got the same result. But the result containing invalid line number. I tried with licensed version and also non licensed version.

Original Error in XML :

Line 995, Column 492: reference to non-existent ID “other”

Saxon Producing Error:

Recoverable error on line 8372 column 11 of Source.xml:
  SXXP0003: Error reported by XML parser: An element with the identifier “other” must appear
  in the document.
Query processing failed: The XML parser reported one validation error

Is this really Error or my misunderstanding, please give some suggestion.

Thanks and regards, Sathya

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RE: Line Number Issue while executing Validating against a DTD. - Added by Michael Kay 5 months ago

Saxon is merely reporting what comes back from the XML parser.

Presumably the second parser is keeping a list of unresolved ID references, and if the list is non-empty when it reaches the end of the document, then it reports the error then. But it doesn't remember where the references occurred, so the error message can't give you a more specific location.

Saxon works with multiple XML parsers and the quality of the diagnostics will vary. For someone designing an XML parser, it's an interesting example where there's a clear design trade-off between performance and quality of diagnostics.


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