Is the -repeat option on XSLT transformation alone supposed to output detailed timings?

Added by Martin Honnen about 1 year ago

While testing some performance with -repeat on doing XSLT transformation from the Saxon command line tool I was kind of surprised that it outputs lots of detailed timing information (shown below in an example for Saxon HE 12.2J) although I didn't provide the -t option.

Is that the expected the behaviour? I am not sure I just didn't notice it because it is output before the repeated transformation results or whether that is something that has changed.


Built stylesheet documents 3.222901ms
Preparing package 0.3945ms
spliceIncludes 0.106399ms
importSchemata 0.1149ms
buildIndexes 0.1831ms
checkForSchemaAwareness 0.120701ms
processAllAttributes 1.4573ms
collectNamespaceAliases 0.1433ms
fixupReferences 0.2212ms
validate 1.0974ms
Register output formats 0.154ms
Index character maps 0.0961ms
Fixup 0.1132ms
Combine attribute sets 0.119699ms
fixup Query functions 0.1157ms
register templates 0.226101ms
adjust exposed visibility 0.0912ms
compile top-level objects (2) 2.410599ms
typeCheck functions (0) 0.167301ms
optimize top level 1.6263ms
optimize functions 0.1425ms
check decimal formats 0.1275ms
build template rule tables 0.1252ms
build runtime function tables 0.0949ms
allocate binding slots to named templates 0.1262ms
allocate binding slots to component references 0.2149ms
allocate binding slots to key definitions 0.117ms
allocate binding slots to accumulators 0.103499ms
Completion 0.140401ms
Streaming fallback 0.118699ms

Previously I mainly noticed the output of the average execution timing e.g. "*** Average execution time over last 4 runs: 2.328275ms".

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RE: Is the -repeat option on XSLT transformation alone supposed to output detailed timings? - Added by Michael Kay about 1 year ago

This instrumentation of compile-time behaviour should probably be controlled by a separate switch. It's been useful for a number of performance investigations, so it's there for a purpose.


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