Link "here" not working in!development/adaptation

Added by Martin Honnen about 4 years ago

Browsing through the Saxon-JS 2 documentation, I have encountered another link that doesn't work, the page!development/adaptation has a link "here" in the sentence "here are two approaches to tackling this issue of building stylesheets that adapt to execution platform: firstly run-time conditionality, using the system-property('saxon:platform') query, which is described here" but when I click that end up at!conformance/xslt30/xpathFunctions telling me

Error in URI hash-path:

Section 'xpathFunctions' not found in path: conformance/xslt30/xpathFunctions

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RE: Link "here" not working in!development/adaptation - Added by Debbie Lockett almost 4 years ago

Thanks again for letting us know. The link is now fixed - it should be!conformance/xslt30

(And I really need to get a link checker running over the Saxon-JS documentation! We have stylesheets for the main documentation...)


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