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HTML base tag ignored in stylesheetLocation and sourceLocation

Added by Debbie Lockett almost 7 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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The following bug was not present in Saxon-JS 1.0.0; but appears in Saxon-JS 1.0.1.

As reported by a user:

with the new version it appears to ignore the tag reference in the HTML page so I have to change all my previous code to use absolute paths e.g. I changed to start with ‘/’

stylesheetLocation: "/resources/scripts/root.sef.xml",

sourceLocation: "/resources/config/profile.xml"

Previously, I had used the html base tag to establish this context

<base href="/">

    <script type="text/javascript" src="resources/scripts/SaxonJS.min.js"></script>


        function update(clock) {


                stylesheetLocation: "resources/scripts/root.sef.xml",

                sourceLocation: "resources/config/profile.xml"



        function run() {





Relative URIs supplied for stylesheetLocation or sourceLocation should be resolved against the URI of the HTML page. However Saxon-JS ignores any tag used in an HTML page, so the base URI we resolve against is incorrect.

Rather than using window.location.toString() we should use window.document.baseURI

Note that previously (in Saxon 1.0.0) we did not resolve the URI ourselves, but rather passed a relative URI directly to the call - which handled the resolving correctly in this case.

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Updated by Debbie Lockett almost 7 years ago

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Bug reproduced. JS unit test sourceLocation02 added to test use of the HTML base tag.

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Updated by Debbie Lockett almost 7 years ago

  • Applies to JS Branch 1.0, Trunk added
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Updated by Debbie Lockett almost 7 years ago

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  • Fix Committed on JS Branch 1.0, Trunk added

Also made the same change (to use window.document.baseURI rather than window.location.toString()) for the URI stored in context.fixed.htmlURI

Bug fix committed on the 1.0 and trunk branches.

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Updated by Debbie Lockett over 6 years ago

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Bug fix applied in Saxon-JS 1.0.2 maintenance release.

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