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Issues with ixsl:style()

Added by Debbie Lockett over 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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Following changes for bug #3545, we're getting some unit test failures:

ixsl/style01 "keys() not allowed for JSValue at style01.xsl#26"

ixsl/styleEmpty01 "forEach() not allowed for JSValue at styleEmpty01.xsl#18"

ixsl/SVGstyle01 "keys() not allowed for JSValue at SVGstyle01.xsl#26"

ixsl/SVGstyle03 "keys() not allowed for JSValue at SVGstyle03.xsl#32"

(Note that the fix for bug #3545 is not yet released, so these particular failures are only relevant for Saxon-JS development code.)

The documentation for ixsl:style() says that the function returns an XDM map, but evidently we are currently returning a JSValue wrapped object (which allows map:get() lookup, but not all map functions).

Generally, the fix would be to convert the style object using Expr.convertFromJS(style, false, true) rather than just Expr.convertFromJS(style); so that we get an XDM map. However, actually I think there are problems with this (and so problems with the original implementation) which can lead to differences of behaviour for different browsers - because we have not properly taken into account what the style object is. It is a CSSStyleDeclaration object returned by window.getComputedStyle, which represents a collection of CSS property-value pairs. Instead I think we should explicitly construct the XDM map (internally as a HashTrie) to contain only the CSS property-value pairs.

Actions #1

Updated by Debbie Lockett over 6 years ago

  • Status changed from New to In Progress

In the implementation of ixsl:style() in ExtraFn.js, we now explicitly construct a HashTrie, representing the CSS property-value pairs from the CSSStyleDeclaration object. The resulting XDM map has type map(xs:string, xs:string?)

For information, here are details of the relevant properties of the CSSStyleDeclaration object:

  • CSSStyleDeclaration.length property returns the number of property-value pairs;

  • CSSStyleDeclaration.item() returns the property name by index;

  • CSSStyleDeclaration.getPropertyValue() returns the property value given a property name.

If a CSSStyleDeclaration property value is null or undefined, then the corresponding value in the XDM map is an empty sequence. Otherwise property values are always strings.

Note that the CSS property names are in kebab-case (e.g. font-size), and so the property names in the XDM map returned by ixsl:style() will be in kebab-case. But to set style properties, camel-case must be used: e.g. fontSize (since to set the font size on an HTMLElement elt, you use This results in some mismatch for style property names used for getting and setting (inherited by IXSL from JavaScript):

<xsl:template match="div[@id='list']//li" mode="ixsl:onmouseover">
   <xsl:if test="ixsl:style(.)?font-size = '12px'">
      <ixsl:set-style name="fontSize" select="'20px'"/>

We could perhaps do more to convert style property names between kebab-case and camel-case if we decide this is too awkward.

Changes have been committed on 1.0 and 2.0 branches; and some JS unit tests updated (since now we need to be strict about using kebab-case for getting style properties. Previously when using the direct conversion of the CSSStyleDeclaration object, using camel-case to get a style property seemed to work, but actually only on some browsers).

Actions #2

Updated by Debbie Lockett over 6 years ago

  • Status changed from In Progress to Resolved
  • Fix Committed on JS Branch Trunk added

Saxon-JS documentation updated to clarify use of camel-case for style property name in ixsl:set-style/@name, and kebab-case for keys in ixsl:style() map.

Actions #3

Updated by Debbie Lockett about 6 years ago

  • Applies to JS Branch 1.0 added
  • Fix Committed on JS Branch 1.0 added
Actions #4

Updated by Debbie Lockett about 6 years ago

  • Status changed from Resolved to Closed
  • % Done changed from 0 to 100
  • Fixed in JS Release set to Saxon-JS 1.1.0

Bug fix applied in the Saxon-JS 1.1.0 maintenance release.

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