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XX Compiler fails to compile stylesheet containing static parameters

Added by Michael Kay 15 days ago. Updated 14 days ago.

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#1 Updated by John Lumley 15 days ago

This is a puzzle... certainly there are cases of the XX compiler compiling the testdriver successfully - and that certainly contains static parameters used for conditional compilation.

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#2 Updated by John Lumley 14 days ago

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A minimal reproduction of the problem occurs with:

<xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl=""
   xmlns:xs="" exclude-result-prefixes="#all" version="3.0">

   <xsl:param name="xslt-uri" static="yes" as="xs:string?" select="'group-sales-sum-product.xsl'"/>


which fails in the static phase with as="xs:string?" but succeeds with as="xs:string"

#3 Updated by John Lumley 14 days ago

The strategy for handling type declarations on such static variables has been to wrap the expression in a casting function, for example:

<xsl:param name="length" as="xs:decimal" select="12+34"/>

involves an evaluation of the XPath expression 'xs:decimal(12+34)'. Unfortunately this has never been tried with a cardinality indicator, so the compiler has been trying to parse


which on encountering the ? operator, assumes a lookup and takes the left hand operator to be a child::xs:string term. In this case there is no context focus and hence the error.

#4 Updated by John Lumley 14 days ago

Patch committed, though there may be need to implement function conversion rules as a final solution

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