Bug #4174

Updated by Debbie Lockett almost 5 years ago

Issue raised by user on Saxon-JS forum at 

 "When I use ixsl:schedule-action to do an http-request, I'm not getting a body in the response map for errors (though the bodies do show up just fine for 2xx responses). For example, POSTing a malformed document, I'm returned: 

 `map{"headers":map{"connection":"close", "content-type":"application/xml;charset=UTF-8", "transfer-encoding":"Identity", "date":"Wed, 20 Mar 2019 00:16:19 GMT"}, "status":400, "message":"", "type":"load"}"'` 

 In the Saxon-JS code (BrowserPlatform makeHttpRequest) it appears that we only add `response.body` `request.body` if `!request["status-only"] && http.status < 400`. I'm not sure where that restriction came from; I probably wrongly assumed that error responses never have bodies...