Bug #4604

Updated by Michael Kay about 2 years ago

* It seems we accept the `globalContextItem` option but this is not documented. (And in particular, it's not documented what conversion is applied, especially in the presence of an `xsl:global-context-item` declaration that specifies the required type.) type. 

 * Switching to using a stylesheet parameter, with a declared type of `array(map(xs:string, xs:anyAtomicType))` I was hoping to be able to pass a Javascript array of objects. No such luck. I ended up converting the value to lexical JSON Javascript and then parsing the JSON it from the XSLT code. 

 * I tried specifying `{destination: "file", baseOutputURI: "profile.html"}` and it rejects "profile.html" as an invalid URI. I think if a relative path is given here (in Node.js) we should resolve it against the current directory.