Bug #5407

Updated by Michael Kay over 2 years ago

When the XX compiler detects an error, typical output might be 

 Compiling stylesheet /Users/mike/GitHub/saxon-js-enterprise/src/test/testdriver/testdriverNodeJS.xsl 
 Failed to compile stylesheet: No binding for variable Q{}message-level 
 Error XPST0008 at static.xsl#1057 
     Failed to compile stylesheet: 
 Error XPST0008 at static.xsl#1057 
     No binding for variable Q{}message-level 

 Several problems here: 

 (a) there's no indication of where we are in the stylesheet being compiled 

 (b) We don't need to know the location in the compiler where the error was detected (static.xsl#1057) 

 (c) We certainly don't need to be told twice. 

 Note: the actual error was a static variable being referenced before the declaration.