SaxonJS 2.4

SaxonJS 2.4 is released for both Node.js and the browser
Added by Norm Tovey-Walsh almost 2 years ago

Saxonica is pleased to announce the release of SaxonJS 2.4 for both Node.js and the browser.

The SaxonJS 2.4 release is a maintenance release containing about 30 bug fixes. If you’re using Saxon-EE 11 to produce SEFs for use with SaxonJS 2, please use version 11.3 or later, as a number of bugs in compiling to SEF were fixed in the 11.3 maintenance release.

Notable bug fixes in this SaxonJS release:

  • 4755 Pattern x/(a | b) is rejected
  • 5036 key() doesn't work on ixsl:page() after ixsl:replace-content?
  • 5039 Chaining two XSLTs in the browser doesn’t work
  • 5042 xslt3 fails to type check return values from templates
  • 5066 Element.localName is not implemented in saxon-js 2.3
  • 5074 "XML Parsing Error" when loading SEF file with Saxon-JS 2.3
  • 5079 resolve-uri doesn't take static-base-uri of included module into account, even with relocate:off Saxon EE compiled/exported XSLT
  • 5081 The omit-xml-declaration serialization property was not always respected
  • 5162 Failure when using collations in SaxonJS.XPath.evaluate
  • 5190 Incorrect handling of shadowed variable/parameter names in some cases
  • 5193 Problems with the arrow operator and fold-left
  • 5230 Difficulty using xsl:xpath-default-namespace in conjunction with the key attribute of xsl:map-entry
  • 5338 Problem with accumulator access from global variables
  • 5387 Adaptive serialization only escapes the first quotation mark in a string
  • 5390 document() doesn't remove duplicates
  • 5414 Saxon-JS 2.3 doesn't reject xsl:map-entry key="()"
  • 5430 Use of deliverResultDocument in SaxonJS.transform options causes error "Unsupported result-document destination undefined"
  • 5458 Replacing an HTML document's root element leaves duplicated/empty head/body elements
  • 5462 Add "-relocate" command line option for XX compiler (xslt3 package)
  • 5464 unparsed-text() with an empty file throws a TypeError
  • 5471 Results object from asynchronous SaxonJS.transform does not contain stylesheetInternal

For a more detailed summary of bug fixes, see the release notes:


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