SaxonJS 2.5

SaxonJS 2.5 is released for both Node.js and the browser.
Added by Norm Tovey-Walsh almost 2 years ago

Saxonica is pleased to announce the release of SaxonJS 2.5 for both Node.js and the browser.

The SaxonJS 2.5 release is a maintenance release containing about a twenty bug fixes.

Notable bug fixes in this SaxonJS release:

  • Fixed #5695 where sorting produced different results on Firefox and Chromium-based browsers
  • Fixed #5677 where the XX compiler didn’t handle literal sequences of some atomic types
  • Fixed #5667 where a newline at the beginning of a string sent to ixsl:eval caused an error
  • Fixed #5653 where an empty array was not deemed empty in xsl:where-populated
  • Fixed #5597 where a ixsl:schedule-action without a child xsl:call-template failed at runtime
  • Fixed #5563 where element content in was allowed xsl:copy-of when a select attribute was also provided
  • Fixed #5560 where “intersect” didn’t work correctly on attributes, and some related issues
  • Fixed #5554 where some initialization errors were not handled correctly on asynchronous transforms
  • Fixed #5544 where setting logLevel on SaxonJS.transform had a global effect
  • Fixed #5494 where the ‘parent’ property wasn’t being correctly exposed in the API
  • Fixed #5493 where some forms of secondary result documents weren’t supported correctly
  • Fixed #5490 where chained transformations raised an runtime type error
  • Fixed #4704 where parse-xml failed on the browser if a CDATA section included an XML declaration
  • Fixed #5673 where ixsl:set-property couldn’t access properties with names that contained a “.”
  • Fixed #5662 where a spurious runtime error could be generated by an invalid axis step
  • Fixed #5389 where in-scope namespaces could be constructed incorrectly
  • Fixed #5083 where we added support for data: and blob: URIs in the browser

Note: if you’re using Saxon-EE 11 to produce SEFs for use with SaxonJS 2, please use version 11.3 or later, as a number of bugs in compiling to SEF were fixed in the 11.3 maintenance release.


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