Saxon-JS 2.1

Saxon-JS 2.1 is released for both Node.js and the browser
Added by Norm Tovey-Walsh over 3 years ago

Saxonica is pleased to announce the release of Saxon-JS 2.1 for both Node.js and the browser.

The latest version, Saxon-JS 2.1, is a maintenance release, focused mostly on bug fixes, although there are a few new added features:

  • On Node.js, the command line option -json has been added as an alternative to -s. It allows the principal input to be a JSON document. A corresponding API change allows this to be done programmatically.
  • On Node.js, the -xp command line option has been added, somewhat experimentally, to allow an XPath expression to be evaluated directly over an XML document.
  • On the browser, the set of Window events that an XSLT event handler can respond to has been extended to include the resize and focus events.

This release includes fixes for more than 60 bugs in areas related to JavaScript method invocation, transformation chaining, namespace handling, initial templates and the global context item, HTML responses to scheduled actions, default collations, regular expressions, higher order functions, resource headers, encoding, and serialization.

For a more detailed summary of bug fixes, see the release notes:


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