XSLT command-line option '-m' - 'From Saxon 11.1 this option has no effect.'

Added by Philip Fearon 2 months ago

The Saxon 12 docs for the XSLT command-line options state that, for the '-m' option: 'From Saxon 11.1 this option has no effect.'

I used to frequently use this option on the command line as follows:


In the Java API Feature Documentation the MESSAGE_EMITTER_CLASS field name is also no longer available.

Note: I've gone back through the different release of Saxon. Saxon version was actually the last versions where this feature worked properly. In Saxon version the following error message is given:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Emitter must have either a Writer or a StreamResult to write to

Is there equivalent functionality in subsequent Saxon versions or has this feature been dropped?

This is quite important to me as I depend on xsl:message and the default built-in emitter makes more complex text output unreadable.

I'm also investigating colorising the output of xsl:message instructions using ANSI escape sequences - this wouldn't possible with XML escaping

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RE: XSLT command-line option '-m' - 'From Saxon 11.1 this option has no effect.' - Added by Michael Kay 2 months ago

The problem with defining callbacks such as the MessageEmitter and ErrorListener at Configuration level is multi-threading - there's no way to tell which of several concurrent transformations generated the message or the error. That's why we dropped it as a configuration option, and I guess the change at the command line was collateral damage. There's also been (for similar reasons) a history of changes to the callback API for messages before we converged on the Saxon 11 design of supplying a Consumer<Message>, which has the attractive property that it can be implemented by a simple lambda expression.

Instantiating user-supplied classes has always been a bit troublesome but I don't think that's a stopper.

I don't think there's any reason in principle we couldn't reinstate -m on the command line, implementing it by setting a property on the XsltTransformer rather than the configuration.

RE: XSLT command-line option '-m' - 'From Saxon 11.1 this option has no effect.' - Added by Philip Fearon about 2 months ago

The lack of a TextEmitter option in the command line interface is no longer critical for me.

For VSCode use, I've coded a simple set of classes (targeting different Saxon versions) extending net.sf.saxon.Transform and overriding newTransformer(). Currently I'm just using setMessageListener but hope to use the MessageHandler API properly at some stage.


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