Xslt 4 features

Added by Vladimir Nesterovsky about 2 months ago

Is it possible to test xslt 4 features in Saxon-HE? In particular I would like to test records and xsl:item-type, as it gives more order in the code.

If not, then is it valid and honest to provide custom Configuration to the transformation with couple of overridden methods to allow use of xslt 4 extensions in Saxon-HE?

If not, then I suggest making Configuration or some methods validating product final to avoid such misuse.

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RE: Xslt 4 features - Added by Michael Kay about 2 months ago

For the time being, we took the decision to restrict availability of XSLT 4.0 features to the EE product. That's primarily because we know these features are subject to change, and we want to restrict the number of people who exploit these features carelessly, causing problems when the functionality changes and the product changes to match. We adopted the same strategy with some success during the development of the 3.0 and 3.1 specifications, moving features into the HE product only when we were highly confident that they had become stable.


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