Clarification on make_string_value needed

Added by Martin Honnen almost 5 years ago

I have tried another simple example with the Python saxonc module built on Windows 10 64bit using Cython against/with Python 3.7; this time I have tried to use a Python string and create a PyXdmAtomicValue using the make_string_value method of PySaxonProcessor:

import saxonc

s1 = 'This is a test.'

with saxonc.PySaxonProcessor(license=False) as proc:
    xdm_string_value = proc.make_string_value(s1)
    xquery_processor = proc.new_xquery_processor()
    xquery_processor.set_parameter('s1', xdm_string_value)
    result = xquery_processor.run_query_to_value(query_text = 'declare variable $s1 external; $s1')

This doesn't work at all, erroring with

Saxon/C 1.2.0 running with Saxon-HE from Saxonica
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File ".\", line 8, in <module>
    xdm_string_value = proc.make_string_value(s1)
  File "saxonc.pyx", line 247, in saxonc.PySaxonProcessor.make_string_value
    val.derivedaptr = val.derivedptr = val.thisvptr = self.thisptr.makeStringValue(str_)
TypeError: expected bytes, str found

Is that an intended design of the API?

It seems most functions exposed elsewhere in the API to Python and expecting a Python str do then internally use .encode('UTF-8') before passing the value on to the C/C++ char * side expecting API.

Is that missing in the saxonc.PySaxonProcessor.make_string_value implementation?

Or do really have to pass bytes in?

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RE: Clarification on make_string_value needed - Added by O'Neil Delpratt almost 5 years ago

Created bug issue to track this bug: #4349

As mentioned the The .encode('UTF-8') and C/C++ conversion was missing. I have committed the fix you should now be able to apply the patch by replacing the saxonc.pyx with the one on subversion:

RE: Clarification on make_string_value needed - Added by O'Neil Delpratt over 4 years ago

This issue has been resolved in the Saxon/C 1.2.1 maintenance release.


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