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Announcements of Saxon/C product releases
Added by O'Neil Delpratt 9 months ago

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This blog will be used only for routine announcement of new major and minor releases of the software.


Added by O'Neil Delpratt 7 months ago

We are pleased to announce that Saxon/C 1.1.2 maintenance release is out. Released on the 21 February 2019

Another bug fixing release.

Significant Changes:

  • Upgraded to Excelsior Jet 15.3
  • Built with Saxon

See release notes: alternatively for a list of bugs fixed, go to filter by Fixed in version= ‘1.1.2' and status = ‘Closed'.

Download products:

See the Saxon/C documentation: and the PHP API:

Saxon/C is a cross-compiled variant of Saxon from the Java platform to the C/C++ platform. We have ported all the features of Saxon other than those like collations that are necessarily platform dependent. In particular it provides processing in XSLT, XQuery and XPath and Schema validation. It therefore gives capabilities to other languages that are strongly coupled to C/C++ such as PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, node.js.

We offer the the commercial products in addition to the Saxon-HE under Saxon/C: Namely Saxon-HE/C, Saxon-PE/C and Saxon-EE/C.

The Windows release will follow later.

Added by O'Neil Delpratt 7 months ago

The Windows release has been added to the website.

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