xsl:result-document - no XPath parser

Added by Jan Pour almost 8 years ago

With Saxon-CE my goal was to create HTML tree using proper naming conventions, so that when event occured on some node I new where to find all other relevant nodes to modify them. So I identified them using XPath and then used code similar to this:


I appreciated the possibility of working with target nodes relatively. How to avoid the need of constructing unique ID for every target node with Saxon-JS? Otherwise Saxon-JS looks very powerful! Thanks, Jan

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RE: xsl:result-document - no XPath parser - Added by Michael Kay almost 8 years ago

Yes, I agree we need to do something to allow a result document to be appended to locations other than those with an ID attribute.

In fact I think 95% of the requirement could be met using a statically-known XPath expression - the only difficulty with replicating the Saxon-CE mechanism is that the href attribute is an AVT and can therefore be constructed dynamically. So perhaps we should go for something like

where the ixsl:target attribute is an XPath expression which we can compile statically, and which evaluates to a node (rather than a URI).


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