Mystery error

Added by Michael Lindeboom over 3 years ago

Can anyone conjure what this error means?

Transformation failure: TypeError: d is not a function TypeError: d is not a function at /Users/mlindeboom/Documents/GIT/work/xsltplay/node_modules/saxon-js/SaxonJS2N.js:4148:105 at Object.push (/Users/mlindeboom/Documents/GIT/work/xsltplay/node_modules/saxon-js/SaxonJS2N.js:4151:370) at e (/Users/mlindeboom/Documents/GIT/work/xsltplay/node_modules/saxon-js/SaxonJS2N.js:4739:104) at /Users/mlindeboom/Documents/GIT/work/xsltplay/node_modules/saxon-js/SaxonJS2N.js:4765:450

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RE: Mystery error - Added by Michael Kay over 3 years ago

That's an internal error. It might be because you're doing something wrong and we fail to catch it, or it might be that we're doing something wrong internally. These internal errors tend to be very cryptic because of the way the optimising Closure compiler obfuscates the code. The way forward is to create a repro so that we can run it under diagnostic conditions.

We're developing a service offering for subscribers that will include diagnostic tools to help with this kind of problem. Let us know if you're interested in subscribing.


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