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PHP Windows builds required for the different compiler versions

Added by O'Neil Delpratt over 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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Bug reported by Vasil Rangelov,

I've tried all of the combos with this DDL, and sadly, it's only
useful for PHP 5.4.* TS VC9 x86 builds, and nothing else (that is,
other combos don't even register at phpinfo()).

The necessary binaries for addressing all common Windows PHP setups would be:
PHP 5.4 TS VC9
PHP 5.5 TS VC11
PHP 5.5 NTS VC11
(all x86)

I also tested PHP 5.3 (N)TS VC9 x86, and that too doesn't work. While
I see no reason not to also make PHP 5.3 VC9 (N)TS binaries, the PHP
5.3 is now in "security fixes only" mode, soon to be completely
EOL-ed, so IMHO, it's OK to not have it... it would hopefully
encourage more people to upgrade.


#1 Updated by O'Neil Delpratt about 4 years ago

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We now have a build for PHP 5.5 on Windows. Currently testing.

#2 Updated by O'Neil Delpratt about 4 years ago

Asked on PHP internals on the best way to build Saxon-C on windows:

recommended not to use VS but for debugging.


copy it to the ../pecl/ directory, run buildconf etc.

You can use phpize too if your exts do not have dependencies against
other extension.

The process is also described in the wiki


I also try currently to port over this extension to windows:
My progress is not bad...i think there are some incompabilities left between the versions.....but there are no error messages left at compile its hard to figure out:-/

my resources:

the bad things
- there is no real documentation about config.w32 (i've gone through pecl packages and ported my code from there
- at least i didnt found one...
- what are the parameters for functions like EXTENSION CHECK_LIB() CHECK_HEADER_ADD_INCLUDE().....??
- i guess them currently with the usage in the different pecl packages....
- what kind of functions are available in config.w32?
- the binarys-tools are from vc11 folder is created.
- in the package i have some lib dependencies -> they must be in the deps/bin folder
- how can i change the source path? only with "--with-extra-libs" ?
- there is the CHECK_LIB() function -> but why the lib is not taken from there, instead of the deps/bin folder?

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