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Documentation on setProperty/getProperty methods

Added by Michael Kay about 3 years ago. Updated 2 months ago.

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For some classes, e.g. Xslt30Processor, the API documentation for the getProperty/setProperty methods is sketchy, in terms of listing the available properties and expected values.

For other classes, e.g. SchemaValidator, this information is completely missing.

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Updated by Debbie Lockett over 2 years ago

This bug was raised against the Saxon/C 1.2 documentation. Indeed, the API documentation is patchy. But the "Configuration" section (!configuration) does provide better information about setProperty (and setParameter) on XsltProcessor, Xslt30Processor, XQueryProcessor, XPathProcessor and SchemaValidator. It would be useful if the API documentation linked back to this.

For SaxonC 11, it looks like the APIs have changed somewhat (though the "Configuration" section has not, so there is work to do here). Looking at the APIs it looks like none of the processors (Xslt30Processor, XQueryProcessor, XPathProcessor and SchemaValidator) have a getProperty method now (on C++, Python, or PHP). Meanwhile, setProperty is found on XQueryProcessor, XPathProcessor and SchemaValidator, but not on Xslt30Processor, since it has now moved to XsltExecutable (which in fact unexpectedly also has a getProperty method on C++ only!!)

The Saxon 11 API documentation for setProperty methods varies. Examples may be given of available properties, but these probably aren't complete lists.

  • on C++ the setProperty info contains some examples on XsltExecutable, XQueryProcessor, and XPathProcessor, but not for SchemaValidator;
  • for the PHP API, the setProperty methods have no useful info;
  • for Python, the documentation for all the set_property methods includes examples.
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Updated by O'Neil Delpratt 2 months ago

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