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With 9.9.x Deprecation Notice, Is Saxon/C Officially EOL

Added by Alexander Stein 28 days ago. Updated 28 days ago.

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I happen to be a community member in the Slack domain for I do not know where Michael Kay official announcement was, but he did make it there as well.

Saxon 10.6 is now available on Java and .NET with lots of bug fixes, though not many that most users are likely to notice. Time to move forward if you're still on an earlier release: 9.9.x officially becomes unsupported next week.


SaxonC according to documentation is pinned at one such older release.

The latest release is Saxon/C 1.2.1, built from Saxon (using Excelsior JET Enterprise 15.3 MP1), released 28 October 2019, on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

The first release in the 1.2 series, Saxon/C 1.2.0, was released 16 October 2019, on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. 


What is the official support or deprecation strategy for Saxon/C now that Excelsior JET has been EOLed for two years? Is Saxon/C obsolete and EOL too?

There is a series of projects around the OSCAL standard and using Saxon/C to increase adoption with Python, and other languages that do not natively run on the JVM or CLR, appears to be increasingly difficult. We will file a separate bug, but we have encountered issues elsewhere and it seems, if they are valid bugs and we confirm with you, they will not and cannot be fixed after the next week?


#1 Updated by O'Neil Delpratt 28 days ago

Saxon/C is not in EOL status. We are actively working on a major release which will be built from the latest Saxon 10 release. This will probably be the last major release with Excelsior JET, but we will continue to support Saxon/C releases.

We have explored other options to Excelsior JET, which we will pursue once Saxon/C next release is out.

#2 Updated by Alexander Stein 28 days ago

Excellent, thank you for your prompt response. We had some issues with initial templates (-it in the CLI utility with the Saxon 9.x and 10.x JAR files) and not setting an explicit source file (-s in the CLI utility with the Saxon 9.x and 10.x JAR files) working with Saxon/C and Python equivalent code. I will file that separately.

You can close this for now, thanks.

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