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Combining Configuration Files

Added by Scott Louzon about 2 years ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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To whom it may concern,

I have moved my XSLT creation methodology, in part, to using XSLT packages. This has been a great new feature over the include/import flow I was previously using.

My last issue is with the encapsulation of the configuration files for pointing to the packages on the cmd-line "-config:". Unfortunately, I don't see mention of in the example.

Take the following example: Car package is at the top. Car package uses Frame, Engine, Wheels, etc.. packages. Each of the Frame, Engine, Wheel packages could use many other packages, and so on below that. However, when using the Car package, I don't want to care about the location or structure of everything downstream when building my configuration file for the Car package.

I am wondering what the current methodology recommendation is for building this hierarchy of configuration XML files when using XSLT packages?

  • Always have a "massive" top-level package specify the location of everything you could possibly need to use?
  • Have a tool (possibly an XSLT) combine all the XML configuration files before-hand, and then use the generated combined file on the command-line?
  • Some better built in way of pointing to a lower-level configuration file, which in turn can point to the packages it needs, as well as more configuration files?
  • Don't use configurations files at all, potentially better way to specify package locations and connections?

Based on all the information you could pass into a configuration file besides , like XSLT versions and such, I imagine combining configuration files could get tricky.

In general, I want to avoid making a tool to combine XML configuration files in an encapsulated manner, if there is already a better built-in way to do what I want.

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