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Test case package-101 fails with -export:on

Added by Michael Kay over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

XSLT export
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.NET, Java


Intermittent NullPointerException when executing a two-package stylesheeet that has been reloaded from a SEF file.

In the XSLT3 test suite:

-s:package -t:package-101
Exported package to /Users/mike/w3c/qt3t/saxon/export/package/package-101.base.sef
	at net.sf.saxon.expr.UserFunctionCall.allocateArgumentEvaluators(
	at net.sf.saxon.expr.UserFunctionCall.evaluateArguments(
	at net.sf.saxon.expr.UserFunctionCall$UserFunctionCallElaborator.lambda$elaborateForPull$0(
	at net.sf.saxon.expr.instruct.CopyOf$CopyOfElaborator.lambda$elaborateForPush$7(
	at net.sf.saxon.expr.instruct.NamedTemplate.expand(
Actions #1

Updated by Michael Kay over 1 year ago

The test appears to work when run standalone; it fails only when the whole -s:package test set is run.

Actions #2

Updated by Michael Kay over 1 year ago

Running -t:package-(001|101) is enough to trigger the failure.

Actions #3

Updated by Michael Kay over 1 year ago

Confirmed that when we run -t:package-101, in UserFunctionCall.allocateArgumentEvalluators(), the call to getFunction() returns a function; but when we run with -t:package-(001|101), the same call returns null.

Actions #4

Updated by Michael Kay over 1 year ago

The function call in question is

<xsl:copy-of select="csv:parse($input)" />

on line 18 of package101.xsl

It seems that on reloading the SEF file, we fix up component references using the code:

private void resolveFixups() throws XPathException {
        StylesheetPackage pack = packStack.peek();
        for (ComponentInvocation call : fixups.peek()) {
            if (processComponentReference(pack, call)) {
                break; // It will have a binding slot

In PackageLoaderHE#3544. This code is unchanged from Saxon 11 and Saxon 10. The value of fixups,peek() is a list of fixup actions to be processed, and it is not at all clear why we should stop processing the list of actions when one of them returns true.

When we run the test on its own, there are three actions to be processed. The last is to process an attribute-set reference to xsl:original, and this is the only one that returns true, so all three actions are processed. When we run the test in conjunction with package-001, the three actions to be processed are in a different order, with the attribute-set reference coming first; as a result, the subsequent actions are not processed, leading to the null pointer exception when we find that the user function call has not been fixed up.

The order in which components are processed, and therefore the order in which the fixups are performed, is unpredictable. I don't know why running a second test disturbs the order, but there is essentially no reason why it shouldn't. I think we've hit a bug in the code that has always been there and which only manifests itself with low probability.

processComponentReference() returns true ONLY for a call to xsl:original, and I simply can't see any logic for breaking the loop at this point and not fixing up other references.

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Updated by Michael Kay over 1 year ago

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  • Applies to branch 10, 11, trunk added
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  • Platforms .NET, Java added

Removing the "break" solves the issue.

Leaving open because it needs to be fixed for earlier versions.

Actions #6

Updated by Michael Kay over 1 year ago

  • Description updated (diff)
Actions #7

Updated by Michael Kay over 1 year ago

  • Status changed from In Progress to Resolved
  • Fix Committed on Branch 10, 11 added

Fix now applied on 10.x and 11.x branches.

Actions #8

Updated by Community Admin over 1 year ago

  • % Done changed from 0 to 100
  • Fixed in Maintenance Release 12.0 added

Bug issue fix applied in the Saxon 12.0 Major Release. Leaving this bug marked as Resolved until fix applied

Actions #9

Updated by O'Neil Delpratt over 1 year ago

  • Fixed in Maintenance Release 11.5 added

Bug fix applied in the Saxon 11.5 maintenance release.

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Updated by O'Neil Delpratt over 1 year ago

  • Status changed from Resolved to Closed
  • Fixed in Maintenance Release 10.9 added

Bug fix applied in the Saxon 10.9 maintenance release.

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