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Correct pylint warnings

Added by Norm Tovey-Walsh over 1 year ago. Updated 17 days ago.

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If you run pylint against a script that uses our wheels, you'll get warnings like this: E0611: No name 'PySaxonProcessor' in module 'saxonche' (no-name-in-module)

These warnings also appear in IDEs that do linting and I presume the lack of declarations "in the module" means that IDEs have no way to offer completions.

I assume this could be fixed by putting something in, probably, a file, but I don't know what.

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sorry I have dropped the ball on this issue. I will investigate this further.

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After some research, I found this issue from pylint:

I tried one of the suggestions, which gets pylint to load the module and get info from the AST instead of ignoring it because there's no python source to parse.

$ pylint --extension-pkg-whitelist=saxonche
************ Module test_with_pylint C0114: Missing module docstring (missing-module-docstring)

Your code has been rated at 6.67/10 (previous run: 0.00/10, +6.67)

So, I think this may be a red herring.

There's another project called cython-lint for linting Cython projects, and that one is much less happy about our .pyx file, but I'm not sure how canonical that project is. I'm going to mark this issue resolved, and we can discuss linting our Cython code separately.

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