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NPE in ContextStackIterator.getMajorCaller with Saxon 12

Added by Radu Coravu 5 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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.NET, Java


We have some code like this:

protected void attachXSLTStackTrace(TransformerException e, XSLTransformerValidationDPI errorDpi) {
    if (e instanceof XPathException) {
      XPathException xPathException = (XPathException) e;
      XPathContext context = xPathException.getXPathContext();
      if (context != null) {
        Iterator<ContextStackFrame> iterator = new ContextStackIterator(context);
        final StringWriter sw = new StringWriter();
        while (iterator.hasNext()) {
            ContextStackFrame frame =;
            frame.print(new net.sf.saxon.lib.Logger() {
              public void println(String message, int severity) {
                sw.write(message + "\n");
              public StreamResult asStreamResult() {
                return new StreamResult(sw);
        String entireStackTrace = sw.toString();
        if(entireStackTrace.length() > 0){
          errorDpi.setDetailedExceptionInfo(new DetailedExceptionInfo("XSLT Stack Trace:\n" + entireStackTrace, null, e.getMessage()));

called when we get a falal error from Saxon and now we have a nullpointerexception here with Saxon 12:

java.lang.NullPointerException: null
	at net.sf.saxon.trace.ContextStackIterator.getMajorCaller(
	at ro.sync.xml.transformer.DPIErrorListener.attachXSLTStackTrace(
	at ro.sync.xml.transformer.DPIErrorListener.addError(
	at ro.sync.dxsl.debugger.TrAXErrorListener.addError(
	at ro.sync.xml.transformer.DPIErrorListener.fatalError(
	at net.sf.saxon.Controller.reportFatalError(
	at net.sf.saxon.trans.XsltController.applyTemplates(

Can we prohibit this in some way?

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Updated by Michael Kay 5 months ago

The class ContextStackIterator has a comment

    // TODO: this class is no longer used by StandardErrorListener.printStackTrace(). It's potentially
    // still useful to have a programmatic way of obtaining the stack trace, but this class is rather
    // clumsy and probably isn't used.

which almost certainly means there are no unit tests.

But the failing method in Saxon 11 reads:

private static XPathContextMajor getMajorCaller(XPathContext context) {
        XPathContext caller = context.getCaller();
        while (!(caller == null || caller instanceof XPathContextMajor)) {
            caller = caller.getCaller();
        return (XPathContextMajor) caller;

and in Saxon 12 it reads:

private static XPathContextMajor getMajorCaller(XPathContext context) {
        XPathContext caller = context.getCaller();
        return caller.getMajorContext();

The change was made on the 12 branch on 2022-06-24 supposedly "to allow old XPathContextMajor objects to be garbage collected".

It seems unlikely that we would have made this change unless we actually encountered a problem that showed it to be necessary. However, the change to this method was made as part of a larger change that removed duplication in code that navigates the context stack, so I suspect that this was an incorrectly-implemented refactoring to simplify duplicated code, done in the course of solving a performance problem.

I'll change it to:

        XPathContext caller = context.getCaller();
        return caller == null ? null : caller.getMajorContext();
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Updated by Michael Kay 5 months ago

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Updated by Radu Coravu 5 months ago

Thanks Michael! I will attempt the same patch on my side.

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Updated by O'Neil Delpratt 5 months ago

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Bug fix applied in the Saxon 12.3 maintenance release.

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