Bug #6000

Updated by O'Neil Delpratt about 1 year ago

Given the follow python script: 

 ``` python 
 proc = PySaxonProcessor(license=True) 
 proc.set_configuration_property("", "/usr/lib/saxon-license.lic") 

 xsltproc = proc.new_xslt30_processor() 

 If the license file is not fould using the set_configuration property it will crash It crashes as follows: 

 net.sf.saxon.trans.LicenseException: Failed to read license file /usr/lib/saxon-license.lic 
     at com.saxonica.config.Verifier.loadLicense( 
     at com.saxonica.config.ProfessionalConfiguration.setConfigurationProperty( 
     at net.sf.saxon.s9api.Processor.setConfigurationProperty( 
     at net.sf.saxon.option.cpp.SaxonCAPI.applyToConfiguration( 

 The problem is the @applyToConfiguration@ method in the class SaxonCAPI does not have graalvm exception handling annotation. We also need to add code in the C++ API to thrown the exception as a @SaxonApiException@