Windows Build Status

Added by Brian Davis about 5 years ago

The Status I can see:

The 3 latest builds do not include a Windows build:

The latest archived build for Windows is Beta release 0.3.1:

I don't think Beta release 0.3.1 can be used for XSLT 2.0

I can see major release version 1.0.0 introduced: "New APIS: Support for XPath 2.0/3.0 and Schema Validation 1.0/1.1"

The Status I cannot see:

Why isn't the Windows build being released lately? Is there something significantly wrong with the Windows build?

I'm considering building the latest version from source for Windows.

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RE: Windows Build Status - Added by O'Neil Delpratt about 5 years ago

Apologies for not getting the Windows release out in previous releases. We are currently working on a new release, which we endeavor to include a Windows build

RE: Windows Build Status - Added by O'Neil Delpratt almost 5 years ago

We are pleased to say the latest Saxon/C release which is out today contains a Windows build.


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