Commands for SaxonC 11.2 HE on Linux look for /usr/lib/

Added by Martin Honnen over 2 years ago

I have tried to install SaxonC 11.2 HE on two Linux installations, for some reason, whatever I do, an attempt to run command/query or command/transform, fails with /usr/lib/, so it is looking for the EE library.

I have SAXONC_HOME set to /usr/lib and it contains the file for HE: -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 47850816 Feb 18 17:24 /usr/lib/

I don't think that problem happened to me with 11.1 HE.

A test with diff libsaxon-HEC-11.1/command/ libsaxon-HEC-11.2/command/ doesn't show any difference between the build shell scripts.

On the system I currently test I didn't even have any Linux SaxonC EE version installed.

I am currently not sure where the problem comes from, the C++ and Python and PHP samples find the HE library and show that SaxonC-HE 11.2 is being run.

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RE: Commands for SaxonC 11.2 HE on Linux look for /usr/lib/ - Added by O'Neil Delpratt over 2 years ago

Yes this is a bug in the file. The preprocessor directive should be -DHEC instead of -DEEC

I have created the following bug issue #5365 to keep track of the patch.


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