Is there a reason why the default toString() of an XdmNode with SaxonJ and SaxonCS seems to use indentation while that doesn't happen for SaxonC?

Added by Martin Honnen over 1 year ago

With SaxonJ (tested with 11.4 HE) I find that the string representation (I supposed implemented by the toString() method) of an XdmNode indents the result, thus a sample like

 DocumentBuilder docBuilder = processor.newDocumentBuilder();

 XdmNode xdmNode1 = StreamSource(new StringReader("<root><item>a</item><item>b</item><item>c</item></root>")));


outputs e.g.


Now with SaxonC ( think both 11.4 as well as 11.99 but currently testing with 11.99) a sample like

from saxonc import *

with PySaxonProcessor(license=False) as proc:

    doc_builder = proc.new_document_builder()

    xml2 = '''<root><item>a</item><item>b</item><item>c</item></root>'''

    xdm_node2 = doc_builder.parse_xml(xml_text = xml2)


outputs <root><item>a</item><item>b</item><item>c</item></root>.

While it is probably user dependent and use case dependent what you want in a certain application I wonder why there is that difference between SaxonC and SaxonJ.


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