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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
5870 Saxon Bug New Low If the root element is html, indent=yes by default 2023-02-03 17:41 Actions
5869 SaxonC Bug New Normal For Windows SaxonC HE 12.0 there is no bat file to build the C samples O'Neil Delpratt 2023-02-03 12:12 Actions
5868 SaxonC Bug New Normal C samples don't build with Ubuntu O'Neil Delpratt 2023-02-03 11:47 Actions
5867 Saxon Bug New Low Unecessary warning due to out of order match pattern resolution 2023-02-02 22:18 Actions
5865 Saxon Bug New Normal XQuery accepts attribute delimiters other than single and double quotes Michael Kay 2023-01-31 21:44 Actions
5864 Saxon Support New Low Using XSLT packages in a jar file 2023-01-31 21:57 Actions
5860 SaxonC Bug New Normal Self built python extension failure to link library O'Neil Delpratt 2023-01-26 19:03 Actions
5858 SaxonC Bug New Low Python Saxonche module doesn't work using Pyinstaller and UPX processing to create executable file 2023-01-27 15:31 Actions
5857 SaxonC Bug In Progress Normal Windows Python has wrong path for libsaxon-hec-12.0.lib Norm Tovey-Walsh 2023-01-26 11:36 Actions
5855 SaxonJS Bug New Normal map:merge with duplicates=combine gives wrong answer 2023-01-26 20:29 Actions
5849 SaxonC Bug New Low transform_to_file() in PyXslt30Processor not working. 2023-01-23 19:23 Actions
5848 SaxonC Feature New Low XQuery that doesn't compile sets exception_occurred but in some cases doesn't set the error_message, it is None O'Neil Delpratt 2023-01-24 12:05 Actions
5842 SaxonC Bug New Normal Review the pypi readme 2023-01-20 12:01 Actions
5837 Saxon Bug New Low The Saxon-EE POM file should include as an optional dependency Norm Tovey-Walsh 2023-01-19 12:16 Actions
5834 SaxonC Feature New Low Gizmo working with SaxonC O'Neil Delpratt 2023-01-18 18:50 Actions
5833 SaxonC Feature New Low Add the Path class as argument to method PyQueryProcessor.set_query_base_uri() O'Neil Delpratt 2023-01-18 18:48 Actions
5830 SaxonJS Bug New Normal Stylesheets with entity references do not compile 2023-01-25 14:14 Actions
5824 Saxon Bug In Progress Normal SaxonJ 12 does not run on Java 8 Michael Kay 2023-01-18 12:00 Actions
5822 SaxonC Bug In Progress Normal Main Python API is online at but relative links link to e.g. saxoncee.html#PyDocumentBuilder and saxoncee.html is not online Debbie Lockett 2023-01-20 14:01 Actions
5821 SaxonC Bug New Low Feature request: allow xml_file for parse_xml, etc. O'Neil Delpratt 2023-01-17 00:51 Actions
5812 Saxon Support New Low Problems using Saxon-HE in gradle project Norm Tovey-Walsh 2023-01-13 16:07 Actions
5807 SaxonJS Bug New Low current() does not work when invoked via xsl:evaluate 2023-01-11 19:44 Actions
5796 SaxonJS Bug New Normal Can't catch `dblclick` event? 2023-01-09 21:17 Actions
5792 Saxon Bug New Low Test case number-4802 - ICU spellout numbering Michael Kay 2023-01-19 11:49 Actions
5787 SaxonC Bug New Low muitithreading example with preview of SaxonC 12: Fatal error: StackOverflowError: Enabling the yellow zone of the stack did not make any stack space available O'Neil Delpratt 2023-01-25 20:09 Actions
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