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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
6451 SaxonC Bug New Normal The profiler feature does not work (i.e. -TP) O'Neil Delpratt 2024-06-12 17:29 Actions
6447 SaxonJS Feature New Normal Async version of ixsl:call? 2024-06-07 11:59 Actions
6445 SaxonC Support New Normal Are EXSLT function supposed to be supported in SaxonC EE (12.4.2)? O'Neil Delpratt 2024-06-07 22:21 Actions
6443 SaxonC Bug New Low Python PySaxonProcessor.make_atomic_value is returning None instead of a value Matt Patterson 2024-06-03 10:53 Actions
6438 Saxon Bug New Low Command Line and Config File option differences 2024-06-04 16:00 Actions
6429 Saxon Bug New Low setConfigurationProperty() 2024-05-19 16:36 Actions
6427 SaxonC Bug In Progress Low Problems with SELinux policy violations. Matt Patterson 2024-05-15 21:44 Actions
6417 SaxonJS Bug New Normal Using xsl:mode on-no-match="skip" gives error Error XTDE0555 but should give XTSE0020 2024-05-08 13:50 Actions
6399 Saxon Support In Progress Low Is XmlProcessingError.IsWarning supposed to be "false" for SXWNxxxx? 2024-04-25 13:28 Actions
6383 SaxonJS Bug New Low Extend SaxonJS.atom to support more types 2024-04-08 16:36 Actions
6375 SaxonJS Feature New Low Support popular DOM implementations Michael Kay 2024-03-19 15:58 Actions
6374 SaxonJS Bug New Normal saxon.compile removed in 2.6+? 2024-03-20 04:38 Actions
6355 SaxonJS Feature New Normal A new instruction that makes a document available by the document() function 2024-02-20 17:00 Actions
6353 SaxonC Bug In Progress Low Unicode characters in filenames are causing errors in Windows Matt Patterson 2024-05-29 21:54 Actions
6333 SaxonC Bug In Progress Normal Representing empty sequence O'Neil Delpratt 2024-01-30 15:15 Actions
6330 SaxonJS Feature New Low XSD Schema Validation in SaxonJS 2024-01-26 20:08 Actions
6328 SaxonC Feature New Low Expose URI helpers to C/C++ 2024-01-26 09:19 Actions
6325 SaxonC Bug New Normal saxonche.PySaxonApiError: Null found in Java string conversation. Line number: -1 O'Neil Delpratt 2024-01-20 01:28 Actions
6322 Saxon Support New Normal Is the old collation URI in EE supposed to rely on the JDK collation support or on ICU? 2024-02-04 13:52 Actions
6317 SaxonC Bug In Progress Low The cwd is limited to 256 characters 2024-01-19 11:06 Actions
6316 SaxonC Feature New Low Make PyXslt30Processor and pysaxonProcessor serializable/pickleable 2024-01-12 11:12 Actions
6307 Saxon Feature New Low Saxon (HE; Java) trace missing xsl:accumulator and xsl:accumulator-rule, and v12.4 is missing the descendants 2024-05-10 19:50 Actions
6299 SaxonC Bug New Low Add a Makefile to the release for building of the SaxonC C/C++ API library O'Neil Delpratt 2023-12-21 09:52 Actions
6298 SaxonJS Bug New Normal base-uri() value does not update together with DOM 2023-12-20 00:34 Actions
6290 SaxonC Feature New Normal Python exceptions O'Neil Delpratt 2023-12-15 14:34 Actions
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